Fix your business finances for 2020 - Finance Success
Fix your business finances for 2020 - Finance Success
Fix your business finances for 2020 - Finance Success
Fix your business finances for 2020 - Finance Success
Fix your business finances for 2020 - Finance Success
Fix your business finances for 2020 - Finance Success
Fix your business finances for 2020 - Finance Success
GAD Consulting Services Inc

Simplified Business Strategy Development For Business Owners Workshop

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Overview of the program: One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is lack of focus, planning and accountability. This program is aimed to help set up systems and process to plan and be able to focus. The strategy helps you

  • differentiates yourself from competitors,
  • earns you more revenues, and
  • improve your margins.


Can you identify these problems in your business?  

  • Low revenue and margins
  • Don’t know where to start planning
  • Set goals but have no clear measurable outcomes or progress
  • Don’t know if you are choosing the best options or approaches
  • Lack of accountability – one person who is both shareholder and director not really able to drive productivity
  • The business direction is not clear especially since it is not written down
  • Unable to say yes or no to ideas because there are no clear directions
  • Lose sight of existence or purpose because business does not have a guide in decision making on projects or activities
  • Lack of focus, tend to do too many things and not get results you are looking for
  • Lack of coherent strategy objectives. Your company does not have identifiable objectives, as a results goals achieved are generally incidental
  • Struggle to set up structures that manage performance and productivity
  • Low productivity since most activities are just responding to external factors than internal activities
  • Not able to optimize the resources since they not planned, sometimes even employees are not clear what needs to be done and when.
  • Lack growth plan.
  • No clear competitive advantage or position.
  • No one to talk to about your strategy
  • No real information available to confirm ideas
  • No clear set time to achieve goals end up achieving nothing

If you have identified with any of above, you have to join us on our program

Who should attend?

  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Business Coaches and Mentors
  • Entrepreneurs


Preparation one week before the live event.  

  • Watch video Youtube online on strategy
  • Conduct PESTEL analysis
  • Complete SWOT analysis with 48 questions
  • Conduct Core skills assessment on the team
  • Conduct industry research on trends and seasons
  • Review the customer testimonials


Learning Objectives:

Develop, execute and monitor business strategy including functional strategies.

Learning outcomes

Tools /Templates

Expected Action Plans by learners

Review your Vision, Mission and Core Values of your business

VMC Tool 

Complete VMC Tool and share with your team

Identify and define organization functions structure

Organogram template

Set functions and allocate resources

Review or Design business model

Business Model Canvas

Design business model

Identify key factors that drive your industry and markets


Conduct research, complete PESTEL and set alerts to evaluate impact

Assess impact of key factors

48 questions for SWOT analysis, company position statement

Complete SWOT analysis and worked out action plans

Assess and identify your core competence

Competence Assessment

Design a personal development plan and team where necessary

Business Strategy

a) Conduct situation analysis

Market segment, customer profile, product positioning and financial and operations results

Identify trends, special conditions, and implications to the market.

Segment primary & secondary customer target.

b) Formulate strategy

1 Page strategy goals with balance score card align to structure

Complete 1 Page strategy and goals with targets set

Complete Quarterly and Monthly Planners for the year.

Complete Projects plans or initiatives.

c) Execute strategy

Templates to execute strategy and projects or initiatives – Quarterly and Monthly Planners including projects planners

Set time to execute strategic initiatives and projects.
Complete quarterly targets to enable you manage monthly activities and projects.

Review and evaluate monthly monitoring progress.

c) Monitor strategy

Reporting on targets set

Prepare and attend quarterly performance evaluation with Accountability Board[1]


Presenter: Precious Mvulane is a chartered accountant and registered auditor who has over 20 years in business in several different roles. She is a teacher and content developer. She has helped over 2500 entrepreneurs. 1 page cv is available or check her profile on Linkedin.


What would you get

  • Access to video Youtube online on strategy
  • Lean Structure for Entrepreneurs – Organization Design
  • Full Day – Live event worth R1, 500
  • 20 templates and tools to implement -priceless
  • Review the customer testimonials
  • More than 25 strategies priceless to consider in your business
  • 2 hours private webinar/video consultation - 1 page strategy worth R7,000
  • Certificate of Attendance and completion issued after 1 page strategy is reviewed.


5 Bonuses worth over R8,000

  • 4 Quarterly Group sessions online worth R7,000 for Accountability Board
  • 5 Free Resources to conduct industry research – priceless
  • 5 top outsourcing platforms - priceless
  • Disruptive 4IR – future organizations, manager and employee – priceless
  • 5 Audio Books/ebooks to help you build the attitudes for great business


Contact our Office Manager, Sonto

Telephone no: 011 465 7078

Enquiries email :


Product designed and owned by GAD Consulting Services Inc,

[1] Accountability Board is a new product that is still in pilot stages. Where entrepreneurs present their reports as CEO or Directors to the accountability board that operates like Mastermind Group. This is part of Team building for entrepreneurs.